Directions for Joining the NAVPA Private Forum Listserv/Google Group

To join a Google Group, you must first create a Google account. This may be done using any email address you wish. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO USE A GMAIL ACCOUNT. **note if you already have a Gmail account and but DO NOT wish to link that account to the Listserv you must first sign out of that account before beginning these instructions**

1. Go to

2. Click “SIGN IN” button in upper right corner.

Google Sign In

3. You will now see the Google Account Sign In page. Choose “Create an Account” below.

4. You will now see a “Create your Google Account” page. Click “I prefer to use my current email address”

5. You can now create a Google Account using any email address you choose. Follow the instructions, including verifying your email address.

6. Search for “NAVPA Private Forum.”

7. Once you find the group, click “Apply for Membership.”


8. Choose your email preferences. Options are: Don’t receive email updates, send daily summaries, send combined updates (25 messages per email,) and send me an email for every new message. Then explain why you would like to join the group (to prevent spammers-your request will not be accepted unless enter something here). Finally, click “Apply to join this group.”

9. If you have any issues, please contact Takesha McMiller at: