Serving Veterans Since 1975


Serving Veterans

Since 1975

Dedicated to helping our nations’ veterans
and their families achieve their educational goals.

2020 NAVPA Annual Conference 

NAVPA is a veteran-focused organization
powered by our members

NAVPA Membership

The General Membership of NAVPA consists of your colleagues and peers who are involved in the operation of veterans’ affairs programs across the country. NAVPA has three levels of membership available:

   • Institutional
   • Auxilary
   • Associate

NAVPA has several ways in which it can help you develop and maintain your efforts to serve veterans as well as represent your interests and those of the veterans you serve. As a NAVPA member, you will have access to training surrounding veteran education benefits as it relates to institutes of higher learning and you will have to opportunity to be part of an organization that actively monitors and provides input to lawmakers and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on matters that relate to veteran’s educational benefits.


NAVPA is committed to the advancement and
improvement of veteran education benefits

Legislative Efforts

NAVPA is an established and recognized organization. As such, it has direct contact with and input to the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, and other professional organizations.

Each year NAVPA and its Board of Directors prepares a Legislative Agenda which it presents to The Hill each year in early Spring.