Opens February 15th, Application Deadline April 16th

The National Association of Veteran Program Administrators (NAVPA) is proud to introduce our National Scholarship Program. Our Scholarship Program offers eight scholarships, one to each of the eight NAVPA regions of the United States. The NAVPA Scholarship is available to veterans, service members and their dependents. However, the Veteran must have received an Honorable Discharge from their last term of service.


o The purpose of the NAVPA National Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to veteran, service member and dependent students who are pursuing undergraduate, graduate and alternative certification at NAVPA member institutions.

o Awards will be $1000 for each NAVPA region, eight regions total.

o An individual may receive a NAVPA scholarship only once.

o Award recipients who withdrew from the member college or do not maintain the minimum amount of credits will forfeit their scholarship.


Eligibility Criteria

Each applicant must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements.

• Currently attend a NAVPA member institution. Please click here for a list of member institutions or ask your School Veterans Administrator.

• Be one of the following..,

• U.S. Military Veteran

• U.S. Active Duty Military

• U.S. Military Reservist

• National Guard Member

• or a Dependent of one of the above

• Be in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

• Be enrolled in and maintain attendance at full-time rate at a NAVPA member approved college or university during the Spring/Winter 2021 semester/term/quarter.

• Have earned a minimum of 12 college credit hours by the end of the Spring/Winter 2021 semester/term/quarter. For alternative certification/post-baccalaureate program applicants, credits may be from their bachelor’s degree program course of study.

**Please note all uploaded files must be less than 32MB and in a jpg, png, or pdf format**

If you have questions please email