NAVPA Membership

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, the NAVPA Board voted on extending 2020 membership through 2021. Any questions can be directed to

Become a Member

The General Membership of NAVPA consists of your colleagues and peers who are involved in the
operation of veterans’ affairs programs across the country.

Membership Options

Institutional Membership – $175 Annually

Educational or training institutions which have a VA facility code and which serve the interests and needs of the student veteran community, comprise this membership type. Examples of this type include: colleges, universities, technical, business, vocational, and eleemosynary schools. This membership may bear one (1) vote, and members may seek to hold office within the Association.

This membership type shall be awarded to only one institution under a single OPEID number, as designated by the institution’s leadership. Other branch campuses may then seek auxiliary membership, as described below:

Auxiliary Membership – $50 Annually

Branch campuses or extension centers of member institutions that share the same OPEID as an existing institutional member, shall comprise this membership type. This membership does not have the right to vote or hold any office in the Association, unless the primary institutional membership yields their vote and/or right to hold office.

To apply for auxiliary membership, an institution under the same OPEID must already have a paid institutional membership on file. Campus locations with a unique OPEID number are not eligible for an auxiliary membership. These institutions may seek an institutional membership with all rights therein, as described above.

Associate Membership – $100 Annually

Individuals, institutions, organizations and/or agencies which serve the interests and needs of the student veteran community but do not have a VA facility code, shall comprise this membership type. Examples of this type include, but are not limited to: veteran service organizations, counseling or therapeutic facilities, and employment agencies. This membership shall bear one (1) vote, but members shall be prohibited from holding any office within the Association.

Why Join NAVPA?

NAVPA has several ways in which it can help you develop and maintain your efforts to serve veterans as well as represent your interests and those of the veterans you serve.

NAVPA is an established and recognized organization. As such, it has direct contact with and input to the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, and other professional organizations.

NAVPA provides testimony at congressional hearings, monitors and provides input to lawmakers and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on matters that relate to veteran’s educational benefits.

NAVPA sponsors an annual conference which offers workshops and seminars of special interest to veterans’ programs personnel. Our agenda provides time for questions and answers after presentations. This conference also allows your voice to be heard and provides you with an opportunity to interact with hundreds of veterans’ program coordinators around the country. NAVPA helps you to develop professionally and to gain valuable knowledge for use in your professional position.

How am I represented?

NAVPA is governed by a Board of Directors elected yearly at the Annual Conference. The board consists of three representatives and one alternate from each of eight regions plus five members-at-large and one alternate-at-large

Membership Rules

  • Dues are collected on an annual basis and are VALID FOR ONE CALENDAR YEAR BEGINNING EACH JANUARY 1 and ENDING EACH DECEMBER 31
  • A certificate for display shall be issued to each NAVPA member
  • Members delinquent in payment of their dues shall have no right to vote or to hold office until dues are current
  • Each voting member may be represented by proxy at the Business meeting portion of the Annual Conference. Dues are subject to change by a majority vote the General Membership

For Questions Concerning membership, please contact